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The Sunroom Source Dealer Opportunities

Phil Rea"My name is Phil Rea and our company has always had a sunroom manufacturer as one of our sponsoring companies.  I was reluctant to go with a new company, but after visiting the sunroom sources facility, seeing their product and meeting the staff....I was flat out impressed and you will be to.  Their product is outstanding and they are setting a standard of service that their dealers previously could only dream about.

If you are even thinking about getting in the sunroom business or thinking about a new supplier, please talk to them.  You won't have to talk with anyone else."

Phil Rea has been a consultant to the home improvement industry for over 20 years.  He has worked with many notable companies including Pella Windows, Anderson Windows, and Owens Corning.

Jeremy and MarkSunroom Dealer Jeremy Benish says...

"The Sunroom Source has met all our expectations by providing excellent customer service, great communication, and the highest quality sunrooms available."

Jeremy Benish, President
Simply Sunrooms, Inc.

Do you want to sell MORE sunrooms
Service is Our #1 Priority
11 ways we make you more profitable! 
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to sell MORE sunrooms?

  • Does your manufacturer provide you with a quality product? This could be your biggest problem. Your customers want something that will look spectacular on their home and something that won't have to be repaired every time a gust of wind comes along. Our dealers say the quality of our product is much better than the competition.

Sunroom + Happier Clients = MORE Money

  • Does your manufacturer provide you and your employees with training? We do!
    • On-site installation training is available!
    • We provide you with a presentation book and slide show proven to help close sales.
    • We provide you with proven marketing ideas to generate more sunroom leads.

  • Can you depend on your Manufacturer? Everyone at The Sunroom Source is work to make you moreprofitable. We have dealer insight because we have been a dealer for 11 years! What more could you ask for, a dealer that has actually been in your shoes and will be there for you every step of the way!
The Sunroom Source Factory

Service is our #1 Priority

  • How long is your lead-time? We will get you the product on time! Our lead-time is only three weeks.
  • How long is your installation time? Does it feel like you pay your employees more labor than what you bring into the company? We strive to make you more profitable. Installation time for our product is any where from 1-3 days (depending on the project). This enables you to do more jobs at a faster rate, which puts more money into your company's' pocket!

Here are 11 ways we make you more profitable!   

  1. Service is our #1 priority.
  2. We will get you the product on time!  Three weeks lead-time.
  3. Panelized construction means you can reduce labor installation time.
  4. Everything we do makes you more profitable.
  5. We have custom wall sizes up to 1/16’’.
  6. We have custom window sizes.
  7. We have custom kick-plate height.
  8. We provide you with a presentation book and slide show proven to help close sales.
  9. We provide you with tried & true marketing methods (samples and instructions) that will bring you sunroom leads if you use them!
  10.  We have dealer insight because we have been a dealer for 11 years!
  11. Our dealers say the quality of our product is much better than the competition.

Become a Sunroom Dealer today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Free Sunroom GuideWhy is The Sunroom Source my best option for a sunroom manufacturer?
Answer:  We have dealer experience, since we have been installing sunrooms at our retail site for over 10 years.  We use American-made components and build our rooms in our factory in North Carolina.  The rooms are shipped to our dealers as pre-assembled panels that go together quickly and easily.  We back up each of our sunrooms with installation support and extraordinary service. 

What kind of marketing does The Sunroom Source have?
Answer:  Sure, we have brochures and samples… but we also have 10+ years of tried & proven marketing ideas that we have used in our retail office.  From direct mail to newspapers and show displays, we give our dealers ideas that have been proven to help people who are looking for sunrooms find you.

Does The Sunroom Source have sales support?
Answer:  Yes!  Our sales presentation materials were developed with mentoring by Phil Rea, one of the leading consultants to the home improvement industry.  We have ride-along sales training available at our retail office.  Because we are sponsors of Phil Rea’s R2R programs for the Remodeling Industry, our dealers even have access to a huge library of sales training materials through R2R.

How long does The Sunroom Source take to get my room orders to me?
A:  After we receive your approval on the room layout, your room should be completed here at our facility and shipped to you within 3 weeks.  Shipping times will be determined by your location, but it is our mission to get your room to you as quickly as possible.  If there is a delay caused by something beyond our control, we will let you know right away.

How long does it take to install a Sunroom Source sunroom?
Answer:  A two-person team can install most sunrooms in one to two days.

How do I learn to do installation of Sunroom Source sunrooms?
A:  We have on-site installation training available at our retail office.  Sunroom Source dealers’ installers can learn first-hand the correct way to install sunrooms to prevent call-backs for common installation problems.  Phone support for any questions that come up during installation is available during workdays.  Our installation support is handled by someone who actually has many years experience in sunroom installation.  Printed manuals are also available.

What happens if I need a replacement part for a sunroom I’m installing?
Answer:  We’ll do everything we can to get you that part when you need it.  We’ve built our business on service and we understand that whether it’s our fault or yours, you need ALL the materials to be able to complete your client’s installation.  We’ll make sure you have them.

There may be limited dealer opportunities in your area!  Contact us today to see if you are eligible to offer our great products to your sunroom clients! 

The Sunroom Source
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